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Shutters Stuck at Sea? Polywood can fulfill your orders today!

Shutters Stuck at Sea? Polywood can fulfill your orders today!

Due to the current dock worker’s strike, many shutter providers have foreign-made plantation shutters sitting in containers on ships outside California ports.  Even though the strike has reached a tentative agreement, it is believed that it could take another 8 weeks to unload all the cargo that’s been waiting.


That’s a long time to leave shutter customers waiting… and a sure way of ruining the reputation of a shutter dealer.


The solution is the American-made Polywood® Shutter.  Polywood is 100% made in the USA by American craftsmen.  Polywood shutters can be delivered in about 2 weeks on average.  That means that in most cases, an existing shutter job could be switched to Polywood and installed before the foreign-built shutters are unloaded off the ships waiting in the harbor.


The Polywood Shutter Company is offering to any shutter dealer the ability to provide customers the option of Polywood in order to save customers from canceling their orders.  Simply call the Polywood Shutter Company and let our shutter professionals assist you.  The process is quick and easy.  The shutter is the best you can buy, helping you build customer satisfaction.


The Polywood Shutter has been sold throughout the country since 1992 in hundreds of thousands of homes.  There have been well over 27 million square feet of custom Polywood Shutters installed in the U.S.  


For more information, call your local rep:  

  • Western US:  Blake Jarman 916-759-0475
  • Eastern US:  Matt Thelander 847-878-4857