Polywood Shutter Company

The support to help you succeed.

The most stress-free shutter program in the world.

The Polywood Shutter Company offers a wholesale program featuring the most popular shutter in the country: Polywood®. 

Polywood is the shutter every customer wants. It is known for superior quality, energy-efficiency, beauty and durability. That’s why millions of Polywood shutter panels have been installed in tens of thousands of homes across the world. 

Additionally, the Polywood Shutter Company (PSC) offers support to help you succeed. PSC is a group of shutter professionals with more retail shutter experience than any other competitor—giving you the expertise you need to succeed. PSC offers the best customer service for ordering, shipping, marketing, and more. Regardless of your needs or skill level, the PSC team can train you on all aspects of shutter sales & installation, or we can provide partners who can measure and install for you. 

This program is easy! From the product to the process, it is designed to grow your business as profitably as possible.

Plywood bedroom installation

True American Quality

Up to 30ยบ cooler with PolywoodUnlike other shutters that claim to be made in America, Polywood is extruded, painted, cut, and assembled in the USA. Always has been and always will be. That means your shutters can be built and delivered in 10 days or less! We pride ourselves on American quality and fast delivery. It's American ingenuity that resulted in features like stiles with weather-stripping, frames with nail blocking, precise molding for arch windows and more. Polywood offers the best insulating value of any window treatment, with an R Value of 6.0 in a window and a 45.9% reduction in heat transfer.

Made in USA

Made in the USAEverything about Polywood is completely made in the USA—from extrusions to paint, manufacturing to assembly, all of it is done in the US. Even our customer service is based here. Unlike almost every other shutter you can buy, Polywood always has been made in the US and always will be.

Ships in 10 Days

Ships in 10 daysOur process enables orders to be shipped in an average of 10 days. That’s unheard of in the industry… which is another reason why you’re going to love working with The Polywood Shutter Company.

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We make it easy to succeed.

Polywood Shutter Company is designed around your success. With a superior product, easy ordering, in-depth training, marketing tools and professional support, this is a program that can help you close more jobs, have less problems and enjoy more satisfied customers.

Ordering Process

Order your shutters online from our web site. With easy drop-down menus and systematic process, you can order dozens of jobs with ease.

Customer ServiceCustomer Service

Polywood Shutter Company customer service reps reside in Wisconsin. We won't send your call overseas. Our reps are available throughout the business day and are quick to respond to your needs.


We believe that product training is critical to your success. Once you've been approved as a Polywood dealer, we will provide a 1-day Polywood training course that will give your team everything they need to sell, order and install.

Polywood marketing materialsMarketing

We offer a variety of marketing tools to help you generate sales. From photography to logos, ad layouts to marketing counsel, Polywood Shutter Company will give you an advantage over the competition.